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Brunch in Top Paddock, Richmond

I love to eat at various places around the world. Food brings to us diversity, creativity and it feeds both the soul as well as the tummy. Realised that I love taking pictures of the food I enjoy and I would love to share it with you too. I am a resident in Melbourne and am captivated by the wide selection of cafes, restaurants and exciting food haunts.

One of the top ranked cafes in Melbourne and usually packed to the brim is Top Paddock over at Richmond. You would be lucky if do not need to queue for more than 20 minutes.


Finally, we got our seats. Just loving the vibe and the cosy interiors of this popular cafe. I ordered our favourite dishes over here and it was simply yum.  The flat white was well textured and aromatic.


I always love eggs benedict. This was an unusual take with poached eggs and ham hock, topped with bearnaise on toast ($18.50). Very different from the ones I had before with just leg ham. Sauce was tasty and rich, great accompaniment to the generous portion of delicious ham hock.

We also ordered the sweet blueberry and ricotta hotcakes ($19.50), topped with berries, organic maple, seeds and double cream. It was simply light and fluffy and you could sink your teeth into the delicious combination of fruits and hotcakes. It was the yummiest I must admit. No wonder it is one of the top sellers here in Top Paddock.

Top Paddock:

658 Church Street, Richmond 

(03) 9429 4332

Monday to Fri: 7am- 4pm

Weekends: 8am – 4pm



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