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Spicy Pho in Footscray’s Dong Ba

When I was in Sydney, I always visited Cabramatta for my authentic Vietnamese food. Over in Melbourne, I discovered many interesting places that have a uniquely yet delicious Vietnamese cuisine offerings. One of the popular place would be at Footscray, which is a stone throw from the city centre.

This place is simply so convenient to get to, with all the great shops that stock up on fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and nice Vietnamese food of course. I simply love pho, the clear broth where thinly sliced beef are added into it, together with the transluscent noodle which simply absorb the flavoursome soup. However, I wanted something different today, probably Spicy Pho?

I headed for Dong Ba, which is famed for its Spicy Pho (Bun Bo Hue).  I ordered a bowl of Spicy Pho for only $10 (medium) and requested for rare beef and beef balls. They throw in a plate of raw veggies, which is to go into the soup.



Usually, I would add more chilli oil into the soup, just for more crazy excitement. This would definitely increase the level of spiciness of the soup. Thankfully, there are free tissues for the customers. I usually sweat it out eating it, but it is all worth it. Big, cheap and good I think. Tender beef slices and tasty beef balls in rich spicy beef stock. The noodles goes well with the soup too. Check it out next time when you are in Footscray. Really yummy. A secret only the locals know….

Dong Ba

133 Hopkins Street, Footscray 

(03) 96890608

Mon to Fri: 9am to 8.30 pm

Sat & Sun: 9am to 9pm


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