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Ramen Time at Hakata Gensuke

Tonkotsu Ramen and Miso Ramen are by far my favourite types of ramen. I wanted something that had rich and tasty stock, nice springy noodles, tender pork, well marinated eggs and had delicious side dishes. Hakata Gensuke would be the ideal place for me by ticking most of the boxes. Finally, Melbourne had a good place for ramen.

One clear tell tale sign that the business was extremely good was the constant queue that was always ahead of me. The place was not too big and it was really packed. Had to wait for around 20 minutes before we got a table for 2.


The secret is in the stock, which comprises of pork bones that has been boiled for several hours, thereby breaking the marrow, collagen and fat. This, resulted in a delicious white creamy liquid which simply release the umami flavour when you dip the springy noodles into it. The pork slices are tender and tasty soft boiled egg well marinated. You get to choose the degree of hardness for the noodles. I got the normal type of noodles which was just nice. The Tonkotsu ramen was $16, after adding sides such as the nori sheet and flavoured egg. To spice the taste up, I added a bit of the seasoning provided and threw in a couple of spicy pickles which was really hot.

The bad thing about this is that it whets my appetite and I had to order two more sides to share. Guess what I ordered?


I ordered the tori karaage (chicken pieces-$5) & the gyoza (pan fried dumplings-$9).

Love the fried chicken pieces. The juicy thigh meat is well fried and prepared only upon ordering. It goes well with the salt pepper mixture. Gyoza was delicious too, skin was not too thick and tasty fillings. But, the size of the gyoza is the smallest I ever had in my life. Nice dip with the yuzu dip and vinegar.

Ok, this would be my favourite ramen place in Melbourne until another worthy competitor comes in.  I am glad they opened another branch over in Hawthorn too.

Hakata Gensuke

168 Russell Street, Melbourne

Monday to Fridays: 11.30am to 3pm , 5pm to 9.30pm

Weekends: 12 noon to 9.30 pm





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