Wings of Glory in South Melbourne

I met up with a mate recently over in South Melbourne and just wanted to feed my savoury but not too much kinda cravings. He suggested that we checked out the new kid on the block which specialises in American styled chicken wings.

Off we went visiting Wings of Glory, located along Clarendon Street. The decor was minimalist and have a nice trendy feel to it. Think wings and beer are great company, matched in heaven.

This new establishment had turfed grass on the floor. Its laidback and friendly decor simply beckons us to enter. We had no hesitation in ordering the wings immediately, especially it was Wednesday Special. Wings at Just $1 each. Minimum order of 5 wings. So, I just ordered 5 wings (3 some like it and 2 cajun) just to try out how they really tasted. Some say that their spicy wings were simply hot hot hot! Just cannot wait to try it.



It took a short while before they served the wings. The verdict: it was not that spicy for me for their spiciest wings. Lots of tabasco taste in the chicken, bit chilli and vinegary (Probably got my tastebuds muddled with the different wings). Was well cooked in general. Wings are not too oily but was not as crispy and spicy as I would like it to be. I think this might be an ideal place for mates to have beers, chips and wings. Some also say that their fries are to die for, especially with their special homemade dips. At least you got a local place serving wings with an interesting American feel to it.


Wings of Glory 

253 Clarendon Street

03 8899 6660

Monday to Thurs: 11am to 9pm

Friday: 11am to 9.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 9pm






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