Gelato Messina strikes Melbourne again

Since I was living in Sydney, I had been a avid follower of Messina. Messina is a popular gelato joint where you get gelatos and sorbets of various flavours. New flavours pop out every week and the staff are always nice enough to let you sample them. I found out they opened another new branch over at Windsor and headed over them to try the ice cream. I was excited as this is the third branch in addition to their existing shops over in Fitzroy and Richmond.


The crowd were all queuing up patiently to get their favourite gelatos. Messina pretty popular with their ice cream cakes too. We were looking at the flavours and were pretty confused as there was so many nice ones.

Gelato Buffet?

Finally, I decided to stay faithful to my favourite flavours, coffee, salted caramel with white chocolate, chocolate and some other delicious flavour. I love the aromatic coffee espresso richly mixed into the creamy gelato. The salted caramel with white chocolate simply wins me back with its nuances of saltiness amidst the nice creamy base with chucks of white chocolate. I do not find it overly sweet in this instance, so probably I can have more to myself. Yummy…

Instead of couple of cones, I decided to settle for the big tub so we could all share the happiness. It is well packed in a styrofoam box to retain the coolness of the gelatos. It was yummy and it was the perfect comfort food. So happy to have Messina opening up in several parts of Melbourne. I feel cooler by just looking at the ice creams on a hot evening. Do remember to enjoy the yummy gelatos in hot weather or cold weather.



171 Chapel Street, Windsor

9533 7110

Sunday to Thurs: 12pm to 11pm

Fri & Sat: 12pm to 11.30 pm


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