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Bahn Mi at Nhu Lan Footscray

One of the amazing things in Melbourne is that they have a vibrant vietnamese community and they have great food too. One of my favourite Vietnamese food would be the Bahn Mi (Pork Roll). The Bahn Mi is usually more airy than the french baguette, with a thinner crust. I was first introduced to Nhu Lan by one of my friendly Vietnamese customer that bought me one to try. So simple yet so tasty. They have many chains in Melbourne.


One morning I decided to drive down to Footscray to hunt for Nhu Lan. Just had the sudden cravings for Bahn Mi and decided just to satisfy it. I finally found them located along the main road of Hopkins Street and the shop was thronged with people getting their fresh bread rolls and pastries. They had so many staff serving and they were so quick and prompt.

I ordered the Bahn Mi from the lady that prepared my portion with great care and precision. She immediately sliced the bread roll into two, applied butter and pate on the inside. The next step consisted of adding layers of cucumber, pickled carrots, onions, cilantro,  different types of ham and meat slices all encased in a crusty bread roll.

They had a secret marinade which they added on top of the meat which makes it even more irresistible and delectable. I asked for the option of having heaps of freshly cut chillis for that added punch. It cost around $5 for the Bahn Mi and that can be my breakfast or lunch easily. They have other types of fillings available, such as grilled chicken, vegetarian and meat balls and many other tasty alternatives.



I love the bite when i sink my teeth into the crusty bread roll. Freshly baked and crusty, this bread is definitely the key ingredient for Bahn Mi. Every key ingredients has to be prepared in the right way, to ensure the right combination of flavours. Now, I know why this Bahn Mi is so famed in Melbourne, shops popping up everywhere.  I feel so hungry while writing this review again….i want to check out other bahn mi here too.


Nhu Lan

116 Hopkins Street, Footscray

9689 7296

Mon to Thurs: 5am to 6pm

Fri: 5 am to 7pm

Sat & Sun: 5am to 6pm



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