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Throwback: Lunching at St Ali

One of the best places in Melbourne for a decent cup of coffee would be at St Ali, located in one of South Melbourne’s secret laneways. They have excellent baristas making a variety of coffees, milk, espresso, filter and so much more.


Here, am I sipping their lovely flat white and enjoying every sip. Now, I know why Melbourne has a reputation as Australia’s Coffee Capital. Well balanced and the right amount of milk in the coffee. The thing I love about this place is that they open till 6pm usually. And, it makes it easier for coffee addicts like me to get my daily brew where the rest of the coffee shops usually shut at four.

We were having a group lunch, so I decided to order something interesting from their menu. I wanted some fried and crispy seafood and finally decided to order their version of fish and chips.


The ling fish was well battered and fried to perfection and the tartar sauce was a great accompaniment to the dish.Chips was nice n chunky and the salad with dressing added a nice lighter contrast to the meal. I felt that they could be more generous for the price and perhaps throw in another piece of fish to the meal.

I tried another dishes before in St Ali and I would honestly feel those deserved more credits. Anyway, this place still standout as one of my favourite coffee joints in South Melbourne vicinity.


St Ali 

12-18 Yarra Pl. South Melbourne

9686 2990

Mon to Sun: 7am to 6pm





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