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Lune Croissanterie’s Famed Croissants

One of the great things about Melbourne is its food culture. There are so many exciting and delicious food to rave about.  Lune Croissanterie is one such place that serves delicious french croissants such as the twice baked almond croissant and the humble plain croissant.

I had the privilege of having awesome mates that got me the croissants each time they visited the bakery. This time around, I had to travel to Lune for the first time to showcase my visitors from Singapore what delicious croissants was really about.  I told them that the owner & baker Kate Reid learnt the skills of making delicious croissants back in France and she has decided to bring her passion back to Melbourne and share it with us.

I reached Lune at 12.00pm and we were happy to be able to get a parking spot nearby. Sadly, we had to leave in a few minutes as they had ran out of croissants by then. We were determined and decided to travel back to Fitzroy the next day at a earlier time.


On the next day, we finally reached Lune Croissanterie at 10 am and we were overjoyed to know that there were some delectable croissants awaiting us.


These were the croissants that were available for us. I always loved the almond croissants and the pecan pie looks equally tempting. Thus, we ordered that two croissants and had coffees to accompany them.

The queue was getting longer and longer and the croissants were quickly disappearing. After the order, we got our croissants quickly. Both pastries were made with perfection. Crusty and flaky, it smelled so buttery and tempted all our senses. Furthermore, the pastries had a generous amount of filling in it. The twice baked almond croissant ($8.50) had so much well toasted almonds silvers on it too. Sweetness was just right and you can hear how crisp it was by just using a knife to cut into the croissant. We loved this newcomer, the Pecan pie ($11). Generous amount of well toasted pecans on top of well baked crust, with delicious pecan filling encased within.  These two pastries was heavenly. We all loved it and licked every bit of it.

We all agreed that this was the best croissant we ever had. It was a tad expensive but the quality is excellent. Coffee was great but it sure took a while to arrive as we had finished all our croissants by the time it was served. If you have a chance, try going to Lune for their famed croissants and go early to avoid any disappointment. I even heard that their queues on weekends are extremely long…

Lune Croissanterie 

119 Rose Street, Fitzroy

9419  2320

Thurs to Fri: 7.30am to 3pm

Sat to Sun : 8am to 3pm


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