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Japan Trip’s first Stop: Hakata

We were planning for my Japan trip for a few weeks. The initial plan was to visit Kyushu for their lovely scenic views, onsens, food and Mt Aso. Due to a severe earthquake in Kumamoto , all my plans vanished after the disaster had affected many areas including the train lines and bus routes. After much persuasion from my Japanese pals, I decided to just do a short stopover to Hakata and then travel along the coastal region all the way to Osaka by Shinkansen(bullet train)

We arrived in Hakata Airport and we took a bus to Hakata station. Hakata station would be the stop whereby we will be commencing our trip via Shinkansen.  The thing I love about Japan is the colourful sights, shopping and food. The one big thing famed about Hakata is their ramen and their bite sized gyoza. Off i went to the building next door to the station in search for food. There was a ramen alley and I was confused as there was numerous shops offering ramen and gyoza. Decided to just try our luck and settle for one of the packed shops there.


We went to this restaurant and it was so packed. We had to purchase tickets from the vending machine and then queue up with the rest of the people for the food.


I love this vending machine as it is so cool. Just place your money, and select the right order and you have the tickets dispensed. I ordered a No 1 Hakata Ramen and a plate of gyoza. As you can see, the wait was pretty long and we just have to wait patiently. I left our baggage at the side of the restaurant. (Thankfully the people are so honest)




The ramen arrived and this was my first time trying the hakata ramen in Hakata. It was interesting. It had so many things in the stock. It had wontons, seaweed, black fungus, spring onion, pork belly, marinated egg and lots of bean sprouts. Verdict: Not bad but I tasted nicer ones in Melbourne. Very healthy as there was heaps of vegetables in it. Loved the wontons, very tasty and there was a nice bite to it. The soup was rich but I felt it could be tastier. Noodles was well cooked though.The egg was a bit overcooked too.

Next dish would be their famed mini gyoza.


The gyoza was pretty good, especially with the dipping of the vinegar and chilli oil. Well pan fried and the skin was quite even and thin enough to hold the tasty morsel of minced pork. Hopefully, I could visit Hakata again and stay much longer in search of the best ramen.

After our lunch, we headed to the shopping arcade for some snacks. There was a shop selling Japanese Kamboko (fishcake) in many varieties. Out of curiosity, I ordered one stick.


The fish cake was little bit greasy but it consisted of fresh fish and prawn meat and tasty vegetables to accompany it. Overall taste was nice and the texture was firm.


One of my favourite place in Japan is the supermarket where they stock different types of sweets and savouries to entice people like me. We saw this Fondant fromage and we decided to give it a go. Boy, that was so delicious. So soft and decadent, and packed in a box with dry ice. Without hesitation, we took  the cheesecake out from its lovely packaging and finish it all at one go. Very yummy and cheesy. This was the way to end my lunch and tea break. 🙂 Will try to post more pics in the next few blogs to recreate my food tour in Japan…



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