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Matsu Seafood Dinner

Hiroshima has been a awesome destination . Now it is time for more seafood and hot springs. We are going to Matsue in Shimane Prefecture by train. As the train ride would take at least three and a half hour, we had to grab a quick bite and start travelling.

It was a scenic trip from Hiroshima to Matsue. Matsue is such a quaint little town, famed for their castles, onsen, river and culture. By the time we reached, it has started to get dark. As Matsue is located near the Sea of Japan, there are plenty of seafood to get us going.

Off we went to check in our baggages and started making friends with the reception. I asked her for some good recommendations for seafood and I was directed to a famed Izakaya called 炉端かば (Robata Kaba)for fresh and delicious local seafood. The Izakaya was actually 10 minutes from my hotel.

When we got there, the place was pretty crowded and there was lots of signatures of celebrities hung on the wall. We were ushered to a private room and they helped us out with the orders as they did not have much of an english menu. I ordered sashimi, grilled nodoguro (recommended by a friend), yaki hokke and shellfish and skewers of yakitori grilled with salt. It was funny, as they had to help interpret what we were expressing through handsigns and broken Japanese. Soon after, our dinner arrived. We were as happy as our eyes were too.

Yummy Sashimi Basket

The sashimi was so fresh and sweet tasting. All the different varieties of fishes served in the basket had its own characteristic and silky texture. The jellyfish was nice as well, giving a nice bite. The accompanying sushi soy sauce added a depth to the freshness of the seafood.

Shellfish combo

This interesting shellfish combo comprises of the scallops, oysters, local shellfish known as shijimi clams, not commonly found elsewhere in Japan. They have been cooked in a clear broth, to allow the sweetness of the shellfish to be the main highlight of this dish. This was an eye opener for one to be acquainted with the local seafood.

Yakitori & Tsukune

The grilled chicken yakitori with salt was so delicious. It was probably the best I had for so long. The chicken tsukune was nice too, dipped in their special sweet and savoury yakitori sauce.

Nodugoro Fish (1815 Yen)

This is the famed fish called Nodugoro fish, which can only be caught in the Sea of Japan. I met a gentleman in Hiroshima who recommended me to check this fish when I am in Matsue. Honestly, this is one of the best grilled fish I had in Japan. The flesh is so sweet, fatty and tender. Best grilled with salt or even as sashimi. The bad thing about it is that it does not come cheap and it is very small in size.  Boy, I was just licking my lips after savouring this tasty fish.

Grilled Hokke

This hokke fish was pretty meaty for its size. The taste was not bad, but somehow I much preferred the taste of the Noduguro fish. I think the meat of the fish was a bit tougher and drier, compared to the Noduguro fish. We ended the meal with some delicious agedashi tofu. The bill worked out to be around Yen 6048 for the entire meal. We were so full and satisfied with this seafood meal. The service staff were so hospitable and they even took a polaroid photo for my partner and myself. Kudos to great food and service. Going to sleep, so we can visit more onsens and more food. Till then.

炉端かば (Robata Kaba)

2-25-28, Gakuen, Matsue-shi, Shimane, 690-0825
(〒690-0825 島根県松江市学園2-25-28)

Tel : 0852-31-8181

Hours: 17:00 – 1:00, the following day



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