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Trip to Kaike Onsen

Finally, we reached our next destination along the Sea of Japan, Kaike Onsen. I wanted to check out this place as the hot spring are well known for its salt content, due to the location at the sea. We checked in into the hotel and the service we received was excellent. Look at the view from our balcony. Beautiful indeed. The thing I love about this area is due to the abundance of beautiful onsens and bountiful supply of fresh seafood.


We went to check out the famous onsen nearby called OU Land and it was so relaxing. The water tasted like saltwater and it was pure bliss and relaxing just to soak in the hot springs. After that, we had a nice stroll along the beach and it was soon close to dinnertime.

After getting directions from friendly locals, we managed to find a Izakaya which was bustling with people enjoying their food and drinks. We ordered some of the local food and  I relished the experience of the delicious and fresh food we had. My Japanese mates always tell me to dine at a Izakaya (Inn) in order to have a wider selection of food and drinks at a much reasonable price than restaurants.


Fish are in abundance in this area and I cannot resist ordering their fresh sashimi. Look at how gorgeous they look, both the tuna and salmon. Sweet and succulent, coupled with their soya sauce and fresh horseradish. I was amazed by the sheer freshness of the seafood. I could just order 20 plates of sashimi for dinner…..But, decided to have a wider variety of dishes instead.

The fried chicken was slightly charred but it tasted still alright. Calamari was well grilled and yakitori well seasoned. At least, it was not over cooked. Perfect timing resulting in excellent taste.


We enjoy this Aji tempura and it is perfectly fried and taste so crisp and juicy. They even gave us the soy vinaigrette, which was great for dipping the fried fish into. I just love this dish so much. Also, I ordered a sausage dish which is a very popular item with the locals.


When the dish finally arrived, the sausage was sizzling on the hot plate and we could not wait to sink our teeth into it. Oh, it tasted so good, with a nice bite to it. The waiter has also given us some Djon mustard to go with the sausage. It is absolutely Yummy! Firm and not mushy.

In case you are in the vicinity, do not hesitate to speak to the locals and ask them for directions of the great food places to go. We asked the locals around for good and reasonable dinner and we were directed here. This dinner costs us about 4829 Yen and we were so full and happy. Time to relax. See you soon.


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