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Memories of Yumura Onsen & Yummy Tajima Beef

I get so excited whenever I peruse the pictures of my recent Japan trip. They comprise of lovely scenic views, excellent food and great shopping. The next trip would be Yumura onsen. This place is a bit hard to travel to, as it is not as famed as onsens such as Kinosaki onsens. I reckon there is not as much tourists that visit this place, apart from locals and Interstate visitors.We had to take the JR train to Hamasaka station and then take a local Zentan bus to the onsen. The bus trip was at least 30 mins and you have to make sure that you do not hop onto the wrong one. We had to buy our lunch at the train station and have it on the train.

The lunch was quick and yummy. I enjoyed the sandwiches from 7-11 stores in Japan. The bread was soft and fillings so yummy and generous. The fried chicken from 7-11 are so succulent, juicy and tender. I cannot imagine that!  My partner got the crab chirashii bento from a popular chirashii takeaway. I found it rather delicious for a cold lunch, accompanied with pickles as appetisers. Finally, we arrived in Yumura onsen. It was a lovely day and we immediately fell in love with the inviting surrounds.




Yumura onsen is such a hidden gem. It is so idyllic and tranquil, hidden in a obscure location. I thought I was going to some fairy land place. Looks so pretty, isn’t it?  I spotted a shop selling Onsen eggs. You can purchase the raw eggs and cook it yourself in the area dedicated for cooking the eggs.

We stayed in a ryokan, Tomiya which had excellent service. They suggested we go for a early Teppanyaki dinner at the nearby Tajima Beef restaurant which is located on top the hill. Without any hesitation, we made our way to the restaurant before going for a soak in the famous nearby onsen.  The place was packed and everybody seems to know how good their beef is!


Tajima Beef Restaurant (Yumura Onsen)


Chef preparing our Tajima Beef Teppanyaki!

We decided to order their top Tajima Beef set, that also comes with a salad and appetisers. The salad was refreshing and the appetiser was tasty with the well marinated vegetables, beans and chicken pieces. It also came with three different dipping sauce for the beef. I ordered the medium rare Sirloin for the Tajima beef. I had Kobe beef in Kobe for Teppanyaki before. Wonder how different the taste would be?


Finally, the Tajima Beef Teppanyaki arrived!

Famous Tajima Beef Teppanyaki with golden garlic, potatoes, corn and garden vegetables – 7020 Yen .

Oh mine. The beef is indeed a winner! We love it. Both of us enjoyed the mouth watering taste, juicy and marbled fats of the beef is evident in every bite. The three dips were all yummy. You do not even need the dips as the meat is simply tasty and delicious on its own.

If you are visiting this region, please do try the Tajima Beef. It is so tender, juicy and delicious indeed. As I am typing, I cannot help but reminiscing the good food adventure we had in Yumura onsen. Next time you want to go there, just get the directions from the hotel as this restaurant is sited next to a massive hot spring too. Hope you enjoy the pictures from my food adventures.


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