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Arrival in Osaka’s Umeda

The journey along the coastal region of Japan was indeed breathtaking and relaxing, so different from the hustle and bustle of city life. Now, we have finally arrived in Osaka to immerse in the sights, the food, the city vibe, the culture.  Now it is time to check out on Ramen and the food offerings. We… Continue reading Arrival in Osaka’s Umeda

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Memories of Yumura Onsen & Yummy Tajima Beef

I get so excited whenever I peruse the pictures of my recent Japan trip. They comprise of lovely scenic views, excellent food and great shopping. The next trip would be Yumura onsen. This place is a bit hard to travel to, as it is not as famed as onsens such as Kinosaki onsens. I reckon… Continue reading Memories of Yumura Onsen & Yummy Tajima Beef

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Hiroshima’s Part 2- Miyajima

The trip to Hiroshima has been so fun, filled with great sights, food plus endless shopping. We were simply blown away by the sheer abundance of activity. We decided to visit the Miyajima island which was around 40 mins away by a mix of train, walk and ferry. We took the train to Miyajima guchi and… Continue reading Hiroshima’s Part 2- Miyajima

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Matsu Seafood Dinner

Hiroshima has been a awesome destination . Now it is time for more seafood and hot springs. We are going to Matsue in Shimane Prefecture by train. As the train ride would take at least three and a half hour, we had to grab a quick bite and start travelling. It was a scenic trip from Hiroshima to Matsue.… Continue reading Matsu Seafood Dinner

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Hiroshima’s Travels Part 1

I have been to Japan several times but I have never been to Hiroshima before. I always thought it just had a grim reminder of the World War and nothing else. My brother suggested I visited Hiroshima, to have a look at the war memorial and even to check out their food culture. I was so… Continue reading Hiroshima’s Travels Part 1

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Yudaonsen sights and food

After we left Hakata, we took the train down to Yudaonsen. These route are entirely new to us. As we had already purchased the JR Sanyo Sanin Area Pass that allowed us unlimited travel for 7 days from Hakata to Shin Osaka, we decided to take this Chugoku route instead of exploring Fukuoka due to the natural… Continue reading Yudaonsen sights and food